The ARC Centre of Excellence in Quantum Biotechnology (QUBIC) aims to pioneer paradigm-shifting quantum technologies to observe biological processes and transform our understanding of life.

We seek to drive fundamental knowledge and innovation across manufacturing, clean energy, agriculture, health and national security.

Our research program is developing quantum technologies that go far beyond what is possible today, from portable brain imagers to superfast single protein sensors.

We are using this technology to unravel complex, multiscale challenges in biotechnology, including how enzymes catalyse reactions and how higher brain function emerges from networks of neurons.

In close partnership with industry and government, we are working to build Australia’s quantum economy and train a future quantum workforce.

We aim to:

  • undertake groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary research, creating the first quantum technologies to solve key challenges in biotechnology
  • define the new field of quantum biotechnology, nurturing the next generation in a new school of thought founded on multidisciplinary science and the transformational potential of quantum technologies
  • drive quantum biotechnology innovation, partnering with national and global industries to grow Australia’s knowledge economy and generate socioeconomic impact
  • back responsible quantum innovation, ensuring that rapidly evolving quantum technologies are applied in a sustainable and ethical manner
  • champion an equitable, inclusive and diverse STEM culture, lowering barriers, engaging early and addressing all career stages.

Our expertise

Administered by The University of Queensland, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Quantum Biotechnology (QUBIC) has nodes at the University of Melbourne, the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Wollongong and Flinders University. We have 7 industry and governmental partners, including Evident, Silanna and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). We are partnered with 12 leading international universities, including MIT, Johns Hopkins, and the French National Centre for Scientific Research.