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QUBIC’s research outcomes will have significant practical applications. Australia is a biotechnology powerhouse, with an $8B biotechnology ecosystem ranked fifth globally and the second highest number of publicly listed companies.

Working with this industry, quantum start-ups, government, schools, and communities, QUBIC will transform outputs into real-world impact, catalysing widespread biotechnology innovation, training the new 21st century multidisciplinary workforce to drive this innovation, and germinating major applications within the lifetime of the Centre.

The ARC Centre of Excellence in Quantum Biotechnology will transform the underpinnings of biotechnology, developing quantum technologies that address major grand challenges in the field, and working with industry, government and the community to catalyse widespread socioeconomic impact.  Biotechnology is one of the foremost application areas, with quantum technologies expected to revolutionise how we design enzymes, pharmaceuticals and energy harvesting systems, how we diagnose disease, how we image the brain, and how we detect pathogens.

QUBIC is the first national centre anywhere worldwide focussed on the interface between quantum and biotechnology. Through it, Australia can lead the world in this emerging research field, training a future quantum biotechnology workforce and securing the socioeconomic benefits spanning energy, agriculture and health.

Our industry partners will provide direct translation and production pathways to secure the benefits in Australia.

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