Jiajia Zhou

  • Associate Professor
  • University of Technology Sydney

  • Associate Professor, ARC Future Fellow (FT2), NHMRC Investigator (EL2)
  • Associate editor for the Journal of Luminescence

Zhou is a core member of the UTS Institute for Biomedical Materials and Devices, where she has worked on making nanoparticles even smaller while retaining their useful optical properties. This removes an obstacle to further improvements in resolution and sensitivity in areas such as display technologies, security inks, bio-imaging, and sensing. She has also worked on applying these technologies in rapid COVID-19 antigen tests, and protein and pathogen detection for the food industry. Her recent interest, which coincides with the establishment of the QUBIC center, revolves around the development of quantum probes and sensors designed to enhance our understanding of biological phenomena. Her group currently has open positions for Ph.D. students.

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