Kim-Anh Lê Cao

  • Professor
  • University of Melbourne

Positions outside QUBIC:

  • Professor in Statistical Genomics
  • Director of Melbourne Integrative Genomics University of Melbourne
  • Research coordinator of School of Mathematics and Statistics University of Melbourne

Professor Kim-Anh Lê Cao develops computational methods, software and tools to interpret big biological data at Mebourne Integrative Genomics, the University of Melbourne. Kim-Anh has a mathematical engineering background and graduated with a PhD in statistics from the Université de Toulouse, France. She worked as a biostatistician consultant and in biological and biomedical institutes as research group leader. Kim-Anh has secured three consecutive NHMRC fellowships since 2014. She has received the Australian Academy of Science’s Moran Medal for her contributions to Applied Statistics. She was selected to the international HomewardBound leadership program for women in STEMM, culminating to a trip to Antarctica in 2019, and the superstars of STEM women program from Science Technology Australia.

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