Nicholas Condon

  • Doctor
  • University of Queensland

Nicholas Condon has recently completed his PhD in Professor Jennifer Stow’s lab at IMB.

During his project Nicholas developed a number of novel image analysis techniques to answer research questions about the cell surface of macrophages. He has a strong background in cell biology and a number of advanced microscopy techniques including Lattice lightsheet, deconvolution, LSM confocal and live cell microscopy. During his PhD Nick developed a number of novel ImageJ macro scripts to characterise cell surface features, protein enrichment and localisation as well as novel endocytosis quantification assays. He has also travelled to Janelia Farm’s Advanced Imaging Centre to utilise bespoke microscopes including the Lattice lightsheet microscope (developed by Nobel Prize winner, Eric Betzig) and the 3D-SIM microscope developed by Lin Shao and the late Matts Gustafsson. Nicholas has strong experience in tissue culture techniques and development of stable cell lines suitable for live cell imaging.

Nicholas can collaborate with all researchers throughout the institute to help advance their microscopy methodologies. Ways Nicholas can help, include planning imaging experiments (fluorophore selection, microscope selection, and analysis options available). He can also help with visualisation of your data whether it is a 2-dimensional single slice image through to multi-dimensional live cell data sets, no data set is too small or too large. Development of image analysis scripts and macros in ImageJ/FIJI are also possible, however early consultation is recommended to ensure your data is suitable for automated image analysis. Nicholas also has experience in microscopy methods including FRET, deconvolution, assay based screening and nanoscopy.

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